Littoral or textile souvenirs by the sea.

The spring-summer 2018 collection is inspired by misty seaside memories, mysterious, and the subtle space that separates the land from the ocean, hard to define, all in nuances.

The materials and colors chosen recall both this delicate gray area and the elements of the nature of maritime regions. The softness of the tones is expressed. We recognize the nacre of the shell, the rustic, almost sandy side of linen that mimics ropes. The carbonized wood, ultra-black, takes shape, just like the whiteness of the foam that leaves its trace on small pebbles.

Littoral, theme par excellence for the textile jewel, this finery located halfway between the jewelry and clothing accessories, wedged between these two strong and acting elements as a hyphen. For this collection of minimalist but refined look, some classic models are revisited. Others are added, sometimes more daring, sometimes reduced to their simplest expression, to keep on oneself at any time or on any occasion.
Littoral algae black necklace
Littoral raw linen necklace
Littoral black earrings
Littoral braided sea grey necklace
Littoral raw pearl white necklace
Littoral algae linen necklace
Littoral linen earrings
Littoral wave natural white necklace
Littoral pearl white earrings
Littoral algae natural white necklace
Littoral natural white earrings
Littoral wave sea grey necklace
Littoral braided linen necklace
Littoral sea grey earrings
Littoral braided natural white necklace
Littoral raw black necklace
Littoral braided black necklace
Littoral braided pearl white necklace
Littoral algae sea grey necklace
Littoral wave pearl white necklace
Littoral algae pearl white necklace
Littoral wave linen necklace
Littoral raw sea grey necklace
Littoral raw natural white necklace
Littoral wave black necklace