The Havana collection offers a range of full color and volume textile jewelery for hot days and extravagant summer nights. Inspired by the lively atmosphere, the urban frenzy tinged with jazz rhythms and the unique cultural richness of the emblematic Cuban city, it is distinguished by its playful and festive pieces.

These easy-to-wear jewels are made of cotton, which provides essential comfort during hot summer temperatures. Their sterling silver finish adds a touch of elegance and their wide range of bright colors, without being too extreme, adapts well to the trends of the season.

Each piece is first made by knitting machine, in a strip of a predetermined width according to the specimen, and with which a chain is hooked to add volume. The simplicity of the models makes them versatile and portable for any occasion.

Easy to maintain, the pieces of the Havana collection can be stored and transported easily thanks to their small metal box. These summer jewels are addressed to a creative, warm and active clientele.
Gold bracelet Havana
Pale blue earrings Havana
Soft pink wave necklace Havana
Blue earrings Havana
Green wave necklace Havana
Hot pink bracelet Havana
Blue bracelet Havana
Hot pink earrings Havana
Hot pink wave necklace Havana
Soft pink bracelet Havana
Pale blue wave necklace Havana
Yellow wave necklace Havana
Yellow necklace Havana
Blue necklace Havana
Yellow bracelet Havana
Green earrings Havana
Green bracelet Havana
Gold necklace Havana
Hot pink necklace Havana
Golden wave necklace Havana
Blue wave necklace Havana
Pale blue bracelet Havana
Soft pink earrings Havana
Soft pink necklace Havana
Pale blue necklace Havana
Yellow earrings Havana
Green necklace Havana
Gold earrings Havana