The Fall-Winter 2017-2018 collection focuses on the theme of structure. In wanting to continue the search for volumes already initiated, it is a more geometric path that has imposed for this season.

Working the knitting again and wanting to dictate a certain shape on it implies to structure it, to indicate to it the desired shape.

The textile jewelry takes again the structure of the previous collection; a refinement of shapes and purification of the models add a completely different dimension to this new cuvée, and the colors reflect the trends of the autumn-winter season.

Scarves are added to the collection for cold weather; small jewels that warm up, straight and regular shapes are hand-crafted. The merino yarn used in their confection is knitted in simple jersey then folded, shaped, felted and dyed in shibori technique. Since the technique has been used previously in more organic forms, the structure collection now requires a more precise, methodical formatting search for a modern look.
Structure dark plum choker
Structure origami black scarf
Structure natural white braided necklace
Structure blue choker
Structure dark pink choker
Structure black braided necklace
Structure vertical teal necklace
Structure vertical natural white necklace
Structure dark pink braided necklace
Structure vertical dark pink necklace
Structure vertical black necklace
Structure black choker
Structure teal choker
Structure vertical dark plum necklace
Structure natural white choker
Structure origami natural white scarf
Structure origami blue scarf
Structure blue braided necklace
Structure gray origami scarf
Structure teal braided necklace
Structure vertical blue necklace
Structure dark plum braided necklace
Structure plum origami scarf